Meet Ziggy Lou

Ziggy Lou creates and designs unique, bespoke pieces for your little ones using a variety of quality fabrics out of Melbourne Australia. The brand prides themselves on their quality and attention to detail.  They design pieces as timeless keepsakes to hold onto and cherish for years to come, and to pass down to your future children.

As summer is in full swing here in the states, we’re preparing to bring you a wide selection of autumn/fall and winter clothing from Ziggy Lou. When choosing infant clothing, we want you the customer to experience clothing from various countries as each nation brings something unique to the children’s clothing market.

Come with us to explore the world of Ziggy L 

Heirloom Blanket
Sleeveless Romper Knitted
Knitted Jumper
Milk Knitted Romper
Knitted Jumper
Knitted t shirt
Knitted Romper

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