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Nurture Birth Cooperative by California Birth Center - Kouklas Childrens Clothing & Accessories

Nurture Birth Cooperative by California Birth Center

California Birth Center is a prenatal and postnatal facility that offers individualized comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care for you and your baby through 6 weeks of age. Their birth support services specialize in natural birth and water birth options. In addition, they offer annual well-woman care and a community of care providers and resources. California Birth Centers’ home-like birthing center provides families with the ideal combination of home comforts for the natural birth experience together with the confidence inspired by licensed and certified healthcare professionals, all supported by up-to-date technology to handle common birth concerns. But for those situations that need more care than our midwives can provide, they are just over one mile from the hospital.

California Birth Center believes that a woman/person should feel empowered and be in control of their birth plan. At California Birth Center, you can customize your birth experience by choosing from a wide range of services and options including water birth.

Image Credit: California Birth Center

Nurture Birth Cooperative created by California Birth Center is on a mission to provide families with support through their pregnancy and birth journeys. They are there to serve birthing families and help them achieve control over their own birth stories. Whether you need financial aid to have a birth outside of the traditional hospital setting, need help adjusting to life after birth, or have to face the loss of a baby, they are there to serve and support your family with doulas, funding, and fee assistance.

Out-of-Hospital Births

Nurture Birth Cooperative provides funding assistance for families who desire out-of-hospital birth. This includes fee assistance for birth taking place in a birth center or home birth setting.

In-Home Postpartum Support

They also provide assistance for in-home doula postpartum care for families who need additional support after birth, such as single-parent families, twin, and cesarean births.

Bereavement Support

Funding and organizational support are provided for families grieving the loss of an angel baby who need help with lost wages and expenses following a stillborn or death.

We will be joining Nurture Birth Cooperative on September 10th from 10 am-1 pm for their 3-year anniversary celebrations and as a formal launch of the nonprofit, Nurture Birth Cooperative.



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