The Blueberry Hill

The Blueberry Hill, is dedicated to making memories and they know the accessories you buy your little ones are more than just form and function. Each item has been handcrafted with love to help you capture every moment, because they know each special moments aren’t little for long.

Each and all items are handmade children’s apparel that inspires and celebrates everlasting moments. Their unique products are made to endure daily life and all the beautiful messes that come with it.

The Blueberry Hill believes their one of a kind collection brings a fresh, fun and playful element to your daily life. Even the hats are made to reflect you and your little one’s personal style. Whether it’s for dressing up, photo ops, everyday shenanigans or those cozy moments, they’ve combined the highest quality with a modern flare to create the perfect piece for any occasion.

How it started

Jenn Davis started The Blueberry Hill in 2011 after a few months of selling children’s hats and clothing at street festivals in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Growing up in a family of six kids and a mother who sewed all their clothes, Jenn had a knack for making things herself. When she had children of her own, she began hand making unique costumes and fell in love with the art of bringing her imaginative ideas to life and seeing the wonderful memories they brought.

With a passion for creating and a head full of ideas, Jenn began to create her brand. She envisioned unique items with the ability to tell a story and express one’s individuality. She wanted her brand to represent the essence of capturing memories and embracing moments that can otherwise be forgotten.

Jenn designed the first hat in her living room, constantly asking her boys to try them on and perfect each project. Her experience in creating and dedication to sharing her passion is what sets The Blueberry Hill apart. Jenn designs and produces one of a kind accessories that not only feel and look good, but spark those long-lasting memories.

Today, Jenn and her husband Brad live in Salt Lake City, Utah with her two boys: Max and Beck.

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