5 Best Natural Baby Care

Nontoxic and natural baby care products are an easy way to protect your child, and the organic baby products market is full of great options. Sometimes searching for the best organic baby skin products can be a bit of a conundrum. It’s all about keeping your baby’s skin hydrated, moisturized, and irritation-free through their first months of life but hopefully this list will help you choose.

1. Earth Mama

Best For | Bottom balm
Natural & Organic | Organic & natural ingredients, cruelty-free, nontoxic, vegan
Price Range | $4 (balm) – $19 (lotion)

Earth Mama provides natural, effective products to support the whole journey of early motherhood, from pregnancy to breastfeeding. These all-natural products use a combination of traditional plant medicine mixed with longtime wisdom. You have enough on your plate and don’t need to worry about preservatives or artificial fragrances—which is why this brand doesn’t include any. We’ve used the whole product range on our babies and love the mild scents. (Pro tip: the baby oil works wonders for cradle cap!)


2. California Baby

Best For | Eczema & diaper irritation treatments
Natural & Organic
| Organic & plant-based ingredients, cruelty-free, nontoxic, vegan formulas, USDA certified
Price Range | $5 (hair detangler) – $76 (bulk shampoo & bodywash)

California Baby is a one-stop shop for natural baby products—from body washes to diaper ointments to sanitizers, all are completely plant-based and USDA certified. All products are free of gluten, soy, dairy, tree nuts, and synthetic fragrances. Even their water goes through a four-step purification process. These products are made in the USA in a solar-powered facility to minimize the impact on the environment. For babies with eczema and diaper irritation, we highly recommend California Baby’s steroid-free and third-party tested treatments.


3. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee

Best For | Fragrance-free lotion
Natural & Organic | Organic & natural ingredients, cruelty-free, nontoxic
Price Range | $5 (wipes) – $15 (shampoo & wash)

Burt’s Bees is more than just lip care—the brand also offers nourishing skincare products to moisturize and soften your baby’s skin. Made with all-natural ingredients in rich formulas, Burt’s Bees Baby Bee products are pediatrician-tested and approved, and free of parabens and phthalates. It’s highly rated across the board (and perfect for parents, too).


4. Weleda

Best For | Two-in-one shampoo & body wash
Natural & Organic | Organic & natural ingredients, cruelty-free, vegan, gluten- & artificial fragrance-free options
Price Range | $14 (shampoo) – $17 (baby oil)

For almost a century, Weleda has been a leader in eco-friendly personal care products via biodynamic agriculture. Its line of plant-based formulas for little ones include soothing calendula and nourishing white mallow to keep babies’ delicate skin safe and smooth. And if you’d like to efficiently stock up, you can also pick up full sets (including ones for parent and baby). Then, you can focus on what matters most: your new bundle of joy.


5. Badger

Best For | Sleep & baby balms
Natural & Organic | Organic & natural ingredients, cruelty-free, nontoxic, made in the USA, B Corp
Price Range | $7 (balm) – $20 (baby oil)

Looking for natural products the whole family can share? Look no further than Badger! This certified natural and organic line is soothing and comforting, including the popular Sleep Balm for restless nights. Badger is a family-owned and -operated certified B Corp, keeping both people and the planet at the forefront of the work. For more than 25 years, Badger has kept babies and parents healthy and happy.


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