Are Cloth Diapers The Best Option For Your Family?

In the 40’s-50’s cloth diapers were the only option to use for baby’s, then disposable diapers were created in the 60’s and the need for cloth diapers slowly decreased for many family’s.

I of course used disposable on my kids-BUT, with the new technology and changes to cloth diapers, I would love the chance for a do over, to just try them to see if they fit my lifestyle. A few months ago I met Alyssa Perez, she’s with The Cloth Option in Sacramento California.

The Cloth Option is an advocate and provides access to cloth diapers and other reusable hygiene products to reduce diaper need and protect our environment for future generations. They are an collective of cloth diaper advocates working within their local communities to promote cloth diapers as a sustainable alternative to single-use diapers. As part of the mission, they distribute cloth diapers and other reusable hygiene products to families in need, work with like-minded non-profits to address diaper need, and advocate for cloth diapers by way of education and community involvement.

Since their founding in October 2018, they have distributed over 66,000 cloth diapers to hundreds of families in need across the United States, replacing at least 13.3 million disposable diapers.

How it works is that The Cloth Option’s free cloth diaper distribution program is available to qualifying families who complete an application online or in person. The program is available within the United States, U.S. Territories, and to U.S. Military families stationed abroad. They help families who are experiencing diaper need to switch to reusable diapers, by providing an initial supply of cloth diapers.

For more information on this program, please visit www.the

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