To Pierce or Not To Pierce-Is There a Good Age?

Ear piercing has cultural and spiritual significance. In some primitive societies, when a child approaches puberty, their ears are pierced in celebration. Spiritually, some communities in the past believed that evil spirits possessed humans through the ears, so the earlobes were pierced for them to be able to leave when they enter while some believed that metals kept the evil spirits away, so they wore earrings.

Ear piercing can always be a rite of passage in several ethnicities as well and became popular in the sixties to pierce the ears of baby girls. The tradition has continued to today but with changes in today’s society, most parents are now giving their child the option an older age to get their first set of earrings.

Getting your child’s ears pierced is a very personal decision and should be carefully thought out. Because there is a risk of infection the first few weeks, it can make the experience a negative one for a child that is older and a first timer. But, should a parent opt to pierce as an infant, they are more likely to keep the cleanings up and therefore less risk of infection. But then again each body has a different pH and reacts differently to metals.

Should you do opt to pierce your infant or wait, it’s important to get your child’s ears pierced by a professional. A body piercing studio or shop is the best place to go, not just for a child, but for anyone who wants any type of piercing. A good reputable piercing shop will make sure that everything is clean. But you will want to make sure that you should see the person wash his or her hands, use hand sanitizer, or wear gloves before he or she starts the process. The technician should also clean the ears with a special soap that kills bacteria and the jewelry should also be sterilized before use.

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Image Credit: Pip Pop Post
Image Credit: Pip Post Post

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