Top 5 Halloween Crafts To Do With Kids

It’s that time of year again! Ghouls, tricks and treats! Nah, just kidding, no ghouls here but I do have some great Halloween craft ideas for you to do with your children. You have from now until October 30th to make these great items:

1. Paper Cup Flying Ghost Craft

Flying ghosts are great for any child aged 2 to a teenager and the ghost actually flies! Find tutorial here

2. Easy Paper Plate Witches

Witches, goblins and ghouls; but these are nice ones! These paper plate witches will make your little ones dance around in joy. Tutorial here

3. Pumpkin Apple Stamps

The good with this craft is that the kids get to eat a healthy snack while making a fun craft. Tutorial here

4. Spooky Bat Halloween Bottlecap Magnets

These Spooky Bat Halloween Bottlecap Magnets are a fun Halloween craft for kids. How cute are these bats? Perfect for pinning your kids Halloween artwork up on the fridge. Tutorial here

5. Milk Can Jack’O Lanterns

Here’s another way to make Jack’O lanterns if you can’t find pumpkins. If you can find milk cans in your home, you could use them to make Jack’O Lanterns. Tutorial here

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