Postpartum And Breastfeeding Products

We’ve partnered with Bundleluv, a California-based company that specializes in Delicious, natural, superfood-packed treats to boost your breastmilk supply. Each treat is made to increase milk supply, nourish your baby and recover from pregnancy. With garden cress seeds, ghee + coconut, wheat, almonds, and acacia gum, each ingredient has its own purpose to help new breastfeeding moms.

Bundleluv was created from Indian tradition that has been handed down from mothers to mothers by caring for new mothers with organic, ayurvedic treats such as theirs. Instead of synthetic supplements or foods with processed ingredients, they like to keep with the tradition of healthy simplicity.

Knowing the importance of maternal nutrition for moms and babies, Bundleluv was created so every mom has access to postpartum treats free from:
● Preservatives

● Processed ingredients

● Side effects